Sunday, July 29, 2012

I read some books

So just a warning - I am a little bit buzzed as I write this.  I am in Bangkok and was hanging out in a bar watching the Olympics (USA, USA, USA!!) and had to keep buying beers to keep watching.  I think the Olympics are one of the only sporting events on television that I like to watch.  I think because the sports are so obscure.  Anyways books, books, books.  I finally finished all of the available Game of Thrones books so could move onto other things.  First, I read the book by Mindy Kaling (writer and actor for The Office), Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me.  I found the book delightful.  It is a really quick read, I would recommend using your local library, if possible, to get the book.  I liked the book because it made me laugh out loud several times and I am gravitated toward things where people are really honest about who they are, and I felt that about this book.  If you are looking for a quick read that will make you laugh I would recommend it.  I am not sure, but it might be more geared toward ladies but honestly I think some men might find it amusing as well.
The next book I read was a little more serious.  Well let's get real - a lot more serious.  I had a few friends recommend this one: Unbroken by Laura Hilldenbrand.  It is a book about a WWII veteran who started out his adult life as an Olympian runner (great timing BTW), then went on to be part of a crew aboard a bomber plane, during WWII.  His plane that ended up having to do a crash dive into the pacific ocean.  I will try not to spoil anything but the book goes onto detail his story of survival aboard a raft in the middle of the pacific ocean, only to be kept in treacherous POW camps in Japan until the war ended.  I was captivated.  I am pretty sure I read the book in about two days and ended up crying in restaurants and buses.  You know a book is good when it makes you cry in public.  It's ok I don't think anyone noticed.  I wish I could write more eloquently but I can't, I was a science major.  The book made me reflect on how after the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan, there were some people in the US that celebrated the fact that Japan was struggling because of our history with them during WWII.  I thought about the Japanese people I have met so far on my travels and how much I liked them.  I have learned not to judge people by their government, which I think sometimes people make the mistake of doing.  I am sure if you read the book you will find several of your own lessons to ponder.  Happy reading!!  

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