Sunday, July 8, 2012

Biking in Laos

Since the trekking trip Caitlin and I have gone on a couple of biking trips, one in Luang Nam Tha and one in Luang Prabang. 
1st Bike Day:  This day was very chill, with nice bikes.  We went on tiny dirt roads where kids would run out to wave at us.  We mainly saw villages and rice fields.  In the afternoon on the bike ride we passed by a restaurant that sounded happening so we stopped.  Once we went in there were a ton of people there (on a Tuesday afternoon).  We walked in and everyone stared at us and a table of people asked us to sit down.  They only spoke a little bit of english but poured us each a glass of beer that never emptied and we tried to order some food.  We got a plate of veggies which was fine and a soup with some crazy looking chicken parts in it.  There was also kareoke so I did a song.  Caitlin didn't know any of the songs in English they had (there was only about 6). 
2nd Bike Day:  We also went on a bike ride to a park with a water fall.  The destination was really cool but the ride was a bit tiring.  We road total 40 miles but it felt like 60 on the bikes we had.  I think both of us are used to custom fit bikes (spoiled I know).  On my bike, the seat wouldn't stay taller so my legs were a bit bent and the front derailleur wouldn't shift up so the hills were pretty easy but on downhill and flat all I could do was coast.  Caitlin's handle bars were too low so her back was in a lot of pain when we were done.  We had a beautiful day despite the pain.  The waterfall park was really amazing - several waterfalls with clear blue pools to swim in.  There was a hike to the top and a bear santcuary where they rescue bears that are raised in small boxes for bile which is used in Chinese medicine.  A great day but I think I need another back massage.  Here are some pics:
Ride 1 - some rice fields

Ride 1 - a bridge

Ride 1 - big sky

Ride 1 - Caitlin

One of the roads we biked down - the cows are pretty chill

They do starts in big clumps then distribute them to the fields

This was one of the weird chicken parts that came in my soup

Pretty sky
Ride 2- bear santcuary

Pretty pools

Main waterfall

From the top

Pools at the top
On the hike down from the top


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Great photos! The chicken soup looks delicious!