Saturday, January 26, 2013

Well hello there

Oh hey stranger!!  I am writing this post because it feels like it has been awhile since I have done a real one.  Since Christmas time I have been sort of floating around a bit, staying with a couple of friends, and wwoofing at a farm I didn't really like.  One of the friends I visited was a french wwoofer friend of mine, who's boyfriend is an Outward Bound instructor here in New Zealand.  The school is located in a really beautiful spot out in the Marlborough Sounds and had kayaks and bikes that we could use.   I spent a couple of days kayaking, bike riding, and making feta cheese from fresh goat milk.  It was really fun.  The school was also at the end of the Queen Charlotte Track, a popular tramping trail, so I took three days to do that trail.  After that, I arrived at the farm I am currently at.  It is an orchard that produces blueberries, plums, table grapes, and kiwis.  They are completely organic and have been for over 20 years.  It has been good to see how people can make a living with only 6 acres of land.  I just spent the last two days working the farmer's market with them and it was just lovely to see how the community supports them.  They are a super fun couple who at one point took a sailing trip from the west coast of the states to New Zealand.  I will be really sad to leave in a couple of days.  I just have some pictures from my hiking trip on the Queen Charlotte Track.
View from the first climb
Kiwi!!  Just kidding - this bird is called a Weka but when you first see it you think KIWI.  Then you realize kiwi's are super shy and only come out at night, doy.
Sunny day

Not so sunny day - my pictures from the second day look almost black and white
Stick bug
Started with 71 km - this is the last one.

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