Friday, January 11, 2013

Plane Tickets and Hippy Fesitvals

I just bought my plane ticket home.  I am flying in on April 9th.  I am really excited to see everyone - so let's plan parties/potlucks/game nights/climbing trips/bike rides/crafternoons/long walks on the beach!!  Oh my.
Right now I am on a farm that, to be honest, I don't really enjoy.  They are really nice people but don't really have a drive to live an organic lifestyle, so right now I don't really feel like I am learning anything.  I am leaving in a couple of days to visit a friend and to walk the Queen Charlotte Track (a popular trail in the Marlborough Sounds).  I am really excited about this festival I am going to called Luminate.  It is an eight day festival where there is live music all day and night, but what I am really excited about is there are workshops each day about permaculture, natural healing, yoga, qi gong, and more.  Then for the month of February I am planning on setting wwoofing aside for awhile and just traveling around the south island.  Short post - mainly wanted to update you on my coming home plans.  Cheers!!


Laura said...

I was just wondering today: I wonder when she will get her ticket... It is getting pretty close to one year...

I am excited to see you, talk with you, go on adventure and learn about all of your food knowledge! Enjoy the rest of your time there and see you very soon.

PS I was at a training today and they talked about how anger is easy but showing hurt is hard and typically anger stems from being hurt. I remember you saying this so it made me think of you, and it makes so much sense.


Melody said...

Thanks Laura!! Can't wait to hang out and catch up.