Thursday, May 17, 2012

Another Book Review

Ok this one will be quick.  Uli and Waltruad have a large collection of books and a few they have recommended while I am here.  One I have especially liked is the Resilient Gardener by Carol Depp. 
One reason I like it because she is from Corvallis Oregon a lot of the gardening advice is applicable to Washington where I have gardened some but probably will more in my future.  Other reasons I like the book is because it covers things like diet and how to have a lively garden with minimal effort.  The book covers also covers how to preserve your harvest and how to save seeds.  She is also gluten intolerant and has a few recipes for corn bread and pancakes for all of my gluten intolerant friends.  However the recipes do include eggs.  In the last post I mentioned that here I am eating a high protein and high fat diet here at the farm.  Something I have realized and something I have seen in a few things I have read is that fat doesn't actually make you fat.  What makes you fat is excess calories.  If you eat no fat (which your body needs) you will not feel satisfied causing you to eat more.  This book touches on this subject a bit.  Hope you enjoy!!

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