Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Book Reviews (No 3, I think)

I have read three books I want to talk about since I have last done a review.

 1.  Behind the Beautiful Forevers by Katherine Boo
This is a book that was written by a woman who spent a lot of time in the slums of India writing about what she saw.  I heard an interview with the author on Fresh Air and learned that she lived there and tried to write about what she saw without changing the situation by being there.  The focus of the story is a family that lives in the slum and their main source of income is collecting and sorting garbage.  It is an interesting book if you want a look into the lives of people in a slum of India and I found it an interesting read.  I will say that it wasn't amazing, I tried to think about why I didn't think so and I think it had to do with the ending.  The book just sort of fizzles out and doesn't really create a lasting memory.  If you like slice of life books it is worth a read.

2.  Fifty Shades of Gray (don't make fun of me) by E.L. James
So I did it.  I read the dirty book that everyone is talking about.  I read it because I usually fall for pop culture trends, everyone was talking about it, and because it had a lot of sex in it (I am drawn to stuff like that, I am going to blame it on my sheltered childhood {my mom would fast forward the 'sex' scene in Titanic}).  I found the book highly addictive but all in all pretty bad.  I thought the writing was poor and very basic.  The sex scenes weren't that good and I didn't like how the main female character was betrayed.  It seemed she had never even been on a date before, then went on to have a varsity level S & M relationship with this extremely rich man.  It just seemed like an adult fairy tale.  That being said I will probably read the other two books :).

3.  The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
Okay, back to serious books again.  This book takes place in Nazi Germany during WWII.  The book is narrated by death and tells the story of a girl who is brought to a foster home because her mother can no longer afford to care for her and her brother.  It tells of her relationship with her new parents, the trials and triumphs of learning to read, a friendship slowly turning to romance with the boy next door, all with the backdrop of Nazi Germany.  The book is told in a really unique way because death is the narrator.  I think it would be a really good pick for the next book club (hint hint Olympia friends!!). 

Until next time - happy reading!!

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