Friday, September 14, 2012

Lady and the Tramp

 I, being the Lady (obviously), and the Lake Waikarimoana Great Walk, being the Tramp (tramping is what Kiwi's call backpacking).  I just returned from a four day, three night, 46 kilometer (28.5 mile) solo tramping trip.  It was around a lake on the north island of New Zealand.  I had a lot of fun, it snowed, it hailed, but for most of the time it was actually sunny.  I had booked my first night in a hut but was also carrying a tent, planning to camp the next two nights.  I camped the second night, then on the third night my campsite was right next to a hut and I couldn't resist a warm night next to a fire.  The beginning of the hike was up to a hut on top of a small mountain.  It started snowing soon after I got there.  I was glad to be in a hut!  Overnight it snowed a couple of centimeters and the walk down the mountain was beautiful!!  The dusting of snow on everything was amazing.  The rest of the hike was relatively flat and continued around the lake.  It reminded me a lot of Washington - all the green and blue colors, at one time it was hailing and sunny at the same time - maybe it was that part that reminded me of Washington.  There was a Kiwi couple doing the hike at the same time as me but we usually had different stopping points because they were doing some deer hunting while out there.  It was nice to be alone but also see some other people occasionally.  Here are some pictures that I took:
My poles and some lichen
Lunch - whole wheat wrap, hummus, salami, and cheese
View on Day 1

Catching up on some podcasts on my way up the mountain
View from the hut on the first night
It snowed!!
The snow in the trees was so beautiful

Swan babies!!
My campsite for night #2 - now that's a sexy tent!!
That's right - I know how to use the self-timer
I saw this purple mushroom - tried to google it but if anyone knows what it is...

Some up close lichen

This is from about the last mile - I am tired and ready for some fish and chips
At the end of the tramp we waited for the shuttle to pick us up at 3:30.  At around 5 we were really afraid the guy had forgot about us and started walking to the main road where it was 18K to our cars.  We thought we were going to have to spend another night out.  The guy did show up, thankfully.  I didn't have the time or energy to drive to the farm I was supposed to be at, so I am holed up in a little backpackers until tomorrow.  At least there is free wifi - rare in NZ!!

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Holly said...

Well done on a solo tramp! It is SO beautiful (especially stoked on the lichens and snow pics)! Can't wait to hear about your next farm...