Monday, April 2, 2012

Rough Start

So I want to preface this post with the fact that I have taken no pictures yet so there are going to be no pictures.  So it has been an intense couple of days so far.  It started with getting an email from the airlines that said that my flight had been delayed and the delay would cause me to miss my flight from LA to Fiji.  They were different airlines so it was complicated.  So I rushed to the airport hoping I could get a flight so that I wouldn't miss my connection.  I got put on standby and felt pretty optimistic.  Then I got to the terminal and I met people that had been waiting to leave Seattle for days.  I got more nervous.  I don't know how but I was the first person on the stand-by list but the flight was overbooked by two passengers.  About a half an hour before the flight I received my boarding pass!!  I was so excited I think I was the only stand-by passenger to make it on.  So my flight to LA was great and I arrived at the gate for my flight to Fiji and saw that my flight was canceled.  I guess there had been some (and still is) some flooding in Fiji and a cyclone was going through at the time my flight was supposed to take off.  There was a guy there who had been trying to get to Fiji since Thursday (it was Sunday night) I went to the front desk to see what I could do and they said the flight was not canceled.  Great - I checked my luggage.  About an hour before boarding an announcement says that the flight has been delayed from 11:30 pm to 8:00 am the next day.  So looks like I am spending the night in the airport.  I tried sleeping in weird positions on the awkward benches and on the floor spooning my valuble stuff but ended up not getting much sleep.  At that point no one was even sure the 8 am flight was going to happen.  After talking to some people they said flights had resumed going into Fiji so off I went.  The flight was long but not too bad and pretty smooth.  I arrived in Fiji and it is raining.  It turns out there isn't much to do when it rains.  I had missed the first day of the package deal I am going on to some of the more beautiful islands and hoping to start that trip tomorrow but it is a possibility the boats are not going out yet.  I guess several people got stranded on the islands for several days during the storms so they are being cautious.  I am starting to calm down here - there are a lot of cool travelers that I have already talked to but most are leaving because they were stranded on the islands for the past several days.  More from Fiji in probably about a week.  Internet access looks like it is going to be sparse but I think it will be kind of nice.

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